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How To Cover the White Rose Maths Year 3 'Shape' block on Sumdog

What is White Rose Maths?

White Rose Maths is an award-winning maths scheme of learning developed by a team of experienced teachers across the UK. The scheme of learning outlines progressive stages of maths learning to help children master the learning objectives laid out by the National Curriculum. Designed for Early Years up to GCSE level, White Rose Maths provides detailed learning frameworks for each term to support teachers to plan lessons and progress their pupils’ learning at the correct pace.


How has Sumdog aligned to White Rose Maths?

Our new curriculum covers all essential skills with questions mapped to White Rose Maths small steps. This allows teachers to set their pupils work on a smaller scale with smaller steps – meaning that they can be more precise with topics they are focusing on.


Let's take a look at how to cover the White Rose Maths Year 3 'Shape' block...

Teacher A is a Year 3 teacher who is about to start teaching the 'Shape’ block in the Summer term of Year 3. Using the Sumdog White Rose Maths scheme of learning document to set work on Sumdog to complement their teaching, they follow these simple steps:

Step 1: As recommended by the document, they set the WRM-aligned test on Shape from the previous year, ‘Year 2 – Shape’, to prepare their
pupils for upcoming learning.

White Rose Maths Year 2 Shape Assessment



Step 2: Using Sumdog’s enhanced assessment reporting, they then reveal any areas for improvement that need to be addressed before
moving on to the more complex Year 3 content.


Step 3: Once they have started teaching the first small step in the block, ‘Turns and angles’, they consolidate their in-class teaching by
setting in-game practice on Sumdog question steps aligned to that
exact small step, either in-class or as homework.

WRM Year 3 Shape - Turns and angles small step


Step 4: They then repeat step 3 for the first 3 small steps in the block – using White Rose Maths’ teaching resources to introduce new learning, before using Sumdog challenges for practice and consolidation.


Step 5: As the 4th small step in the block, ‘Measure and draw accurately’, is almost entirely practical in nature, there is no directly aligning skill on Sumdog. As recommended by this document however, Teacher A uses this time to set a Sumdog challenge covering the previous 3 small steps – providing a valuable opportunity for additional revision as in-class teaching moves swiftly on to the next small step.


Step 6: Finally, at the end of the block, they use the corresponding Sumdog test, ‘Year 3 – Shape’, to assess learning across the block in a low-stakes, familiar environment.

Once again, Sumdog’s assessment report enables them to easily identify any remaining gaps in understanding so they can plan intervention as required.

WRM Year 3 Shape Assessment



Interested in learning more about our alignment?

We've created downloadable scheme of learning documents for Years 1-6 to help show you how our Sumdog challenges now align to the White Rose Maths blocks and small step progression. 

Access schemes of learning


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