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How Sumdog Spelling Helps Raise Attainment Levels

According to this year’s SATs results, the academic attainment levels of primary school children in England remains significantly lower than before Covid. The proportion of 10 and 11-year-old pupils meeting the government’s expected standard in reading, writing and maths combined remained at 59%, exactly the same as the 2022 results. Ministers are said to be ‘particularly concerned’ about a drop in reading attainment.

With the government aiming to have 90% of pupils in their final year of primary school in England to meet expected standards in reading, writing and maths by 2030 - SATs score will have to improve drastically over the next few years. Dr Mary Bousted, the joint general secretary of the National Education Union stated: ‘these results confirm the point made by teachers and researchers: primary schools are still deeply affected by the pandemic and SATs worsen this already difficult situation’.


What is Sumdog Spelling?

Sumdog Spelling is an online games-based platform that takes children on a progressive journey through essential spelling skills, key sounds, rules, patterns and vocabulary. Designed specifically for pupils aged 5-11, Sumdog Spelling has been crafted by a team of dedicated teachers and literary experts. With over 30 interactive games to choose from, Sumdog Spelling helps children build their spelling skills and become more confident in their literacy ability.

Sumdog's spelling question on an ipad in the Basketball game


How can Sumdog Spelling help raise attainment levels?

🏀 Engaging gameplay:

From shooting hoops in Basketball to wading through a lava-filled cave in Lava Jump - our exciting range of single-player and multiplayer games encourage children to practise their skills regularly. With virtual rewards and their own 3D avatar, house and garden to personalise, pupils are highly motivated to learn and improve.

✏️ Custom word lists:

Alongside having access to downloadable year-group word lists to use with their class, teachers can also create and save their own custom word lists. With over 17,000 words to choose from, teachers can cover key spelling patterns or sounds, or match a particular unit in a topic they may be covering in other subjects.

🗣️ Read-aloud questions:

Our questions are read by a real human voice, not a robot so every word is clear and high quality. Each word is first read alone, followed by the word being used in a sentence. This method provides context and understanding of how words should be used, and facilitates the learning of words and letter patterns.


" We recognised that we needed something specific to support spelling and grammar and Sumdog was the best solution for our learners. "

James Parkinson, Headteacher of De Lacy Primary School,

Pontefract Academies Trust, West Yorkshire, England.


Want to try out Sumdog Spelling with your class?

With a Sumdog Spelling subscription, we can help make spelling practice more motivating for pupils. Our engaging games-based platform can support:

✅ Spelling homework

✅ Common words revision

✅ Vocabulary building

✅ Consolidation of words previously covered

and so much more!

If you'd like to try out everything our platform has to offer, you can try out Sumdog Spelling to use with your class!

So - what are you waiting for?

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