3x faster progress with Sumdog

3x faster progress…

…Here’s the research.

Over the past six months, we’ve been running a mathematics study in Glasgow.

This study found that the length of time spent using Sumdog has a highly significant impact.


Students who spent an hour a week on Sumdog progressed 3 times faster than those who used Sumdog least.

In addition, both students and teachers saw improvements in ability and in attitudes towards mathematics.

Read the full report

News about our games


Changes to our free games

Sumdog is more popular than ever, and is growing quickly.

However, with many schools using only the free games, the cost of running Sumdog is rising.

From today, to help manage the load on our servers, the number of free games will drop to 10 (6 in our apps).

If your students aren’t subscribed, and they choose a premium game, they’ll see a message about this.
We’ve made sure that some of the most popular games remain free for everyone to play.

Why have subscriptions?

When schools subscribe, it lets us continue to support and improve Sumdog.

In 2016, we’ve doubled the range of free mathematics skills, giving complete coverage for ages 5 – 11. We’ve also improved many of the existing skills.

So if you subscribe, you’re helping us make Sumdog the best it can be for your students.

If you have any questions, or need our help with anything, please talk to us.

Sumdog contests are back!

Join your free local contest now!

Sumdog’s free online mathematics contests are a fun way to motivate your students.

To take part, they simply play Sumdog’s online mathematics games, any time during the contest week.

Scores are based on accuracy, and the questions adapt to each student’s level – so everyone has an even chance of winning.

Click here to enter your class.


Get a contest report

You can request a special report showing how hard your students have worked during the contest.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

There’s still time to win a trophy!

Summer trophy quest

Thousands of trophies have already been awarded! Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to win more.

All students have to do is log on and play Sumdog games.

Over the next three weeks, they will win a trophy if the play 10 games each week!

On the final week (Aug 19 – 25), they can win a mystery trophy by mastering a new skill.


Here are the trophies that can still be won:

Week 7: Unicorn trophy (July 29 – August 4)
– play 10 games

Week 8: Flaming Donut Trophy (August 5 – 11)
– play 10 games

Week 9: Floating Spaghetti Trophy (August 12 – 18)
– play 10 games

Week 10: Mystery Trophy (August 19 – 25)
– master a new skill

If a student collects all 10 trophies, they will win the highly-coveted mega trophy.


Registered parents receive weekly updates so that students know which trophies they have won.

Teachers, encourage your students’ parents to sign up with our template letter.

Don’t worry, even if parents don’t sign up, your students will still be awarded their trophies in September in their Sumdog house.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

The new school year

Prepare for the new year

To help you prepare, we’ve put together a video and some helpful tips.

Click here to view our video.


Moving your students up one grade or year group

On August 1st, we moved all students up one grade or one year group*. This change will only be visible on your class roster and will not impact your students’ practice.


The grade reflects the academic year according to age rather than ability.

Click here for more helpful tips for the new school year.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us.

* Does not apply to schools in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand or Singapore.


Sumdog Case Studies


“I notice an increase in the speed, accuracy and motivation of the mental mathematics”

Mrs L. Scott, Sandwood Primary School

In June 2016, Andrew Gallacher, Mathematics Education Coordinator at the University of Glasgow, visited 3 schools to investigate student and teacher experiences using Sumdog.

Each visit involved a structured class discussion about Sumdog followed by an interview with the class teacher.

The opinions were very positive, with teachers reporting more progress, and students saying they found themselves enjoying mathematics more with Sumdog.

You can read the case studies here.

Play Sumdog’s first 3D game!

Children love Sumdog games so much that they keep asking for more. We’ve listened and are pleased to announce the release of our new and exciting game: Kabloom 3D.

Everytime you answer a question correctly you cover the city in flowers.

3D games are only available for subscribed students. If you are interested in a free trial, please contact us.


To find out which browsers Kabloom 3D is compatible with click here. Kabloom 3D is also available as an Andriod app and will soon be available for Apple devices too.