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Sumdog's New Curriculum Alignment to White Rose Maths

Later this year we’ll be releasing a new curriculum on Sumdog aligned to version 3.0 of the White Rose Maths scheme of learning. Teachers will be able to set maths challenges and assessments aligned to the progression, while pupils can enjoy practising their maths skills through Sumdog's games.


What is White Rose Maths?

White Rose Maths is an award-winning maths scheme of learning developed by a team of experienced teachers across the UK. The scheme of learning outlines progressive stages of maths learning to help children master the learning objectives laid out by the National Curriculum. Designed for Early Years up to GCSE level, White Rose Maths provides detailed learning frameworks for each term to support teachers to plan lessons and progress their pupils’ learning at the correct pace.

Encouraging a positive ‘can-do’ attitude in their approach, the White Rose Maths scheme of learning introduces maths topics in a logical order to ensure that children develop a strong core set of skills from a young age. Used by 80% of primary schools and 40% of secondary schools in England, White Rose Maths is widely celebrated for its ability to make maths fun, engaging and accessible for all children. With their slogan ‘everyone can do maths: everyone can!’, the White Rose Maths scheme of learning aims to help children build maths fluency and become more confident mathematicians.

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What do we mean by a new Sumdog curriculum?

The new updates to our White Rose Maths aligned curriculum will allow teachers to set work that is in line with their classroom teaching. Teachers will now be able to set their pupils work on a smaller scale with smaller steps – meaning that they can be more precise with topics they are focusing on.

Let’s illustrate this by looking at a White Rose Maths lesson planner. Each line under ‘topic’ is a small step in the scheme of learning. In our new White Rose Maths aligned curriculum, we will have a Sumdog skill for each one – allowing teachers to incorporate Sumdog into their everyday maths lessons.

WRM planner

White Rose Maths lesson planner

WRM Year 3 curriculum

Sumdog skills aligned to the White Rose Maths curriculum

What's the benefit of using Sumdog to teach White Rose Maths?

Just as the White Rose Maths scheme of learning aims to engage pupils in maths learning – so do we! Our interactive games-based platform:

  • Excites and engages pupils by making maths fun for all.
  • Offers tailored personalised practice that aligns to the individual working level of each child.
  • Supports the needs of teachers by providing questions designed specifically to match the National Curriculum and White Rose Maths.

WRM question in Sumdog game

White Rose Maths question in a Sumdog game

When will it be ready?

Our new questions, tasks and low-stakes tests, aligned to the White Rose Maths scheme of learning are now available. Why not try with your class or school today?

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