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Complement your White Rose Maths teaching with Sumdog

It’s no secret that making learning fun is one of the best ways to keep children motivated and engaged in their studies, and it’s also a no-brainer that teachers appreciate an interested and enthusiastic class when teaching.

At Sumdog, we know (from both extensive research and experience) that targeted, personalised practice is the key to helping pupils work towards maths mastery. To keep children coming back to learn more though, they need to have fun and stay motivated. This is why we’ve seen pupils improve their proficiency and gain confidence by using our maths learning games.

Similarly, White Rose Maths, developed by a group of teachers in Leeds, UK, is a scheme of learning that aims to make maths interesting, easy to understand, and accessible for every pupil.


What is White Rose Maths?

White Rose Maths is one of the leading providers of maths resources in the UK  and specialises in helping every learner approach maths with confidence. The White Rose Maths team comprises highly experienced maths experts and educators who have come together to train, guide, and support teachers, parents, and schools in making maths easier for pupils.

Integral to their resources are the schemes of learning from EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) to GCSE level and beyond. On the White Rose Maths website, teachers and parents can access resources (both free and paid) for different year groups, including home learning resources for early years.

Alongside their schemes of learning, White Rose Maths also offers in-depth training programmes for teachers and schools looking to improve their maths teaching — all in line with the National Curriculum in the UK.


White Rose Maths and NCETM’s Maths Mastery

One of the five big ideas of NCETM’s Maths Mastery is fluency, and encouraging fluency in maths is something that White Rose Maths and Sumdog have in common. White Rose Maths schemes follow a logical progression in maths fluency, allowing pupils to master the basics and the foundations of maths before they can progress to more advanced problems and apply their learning.

To motivate pupils to improve their conceptual understanding and encourage them to practise regularly, White Rose Maths schemes also include varied and interesting learning tools. In each ‘small step’ of learning, there are specific learning objectives that pupils must achieve before they attempt to move on to the next step. This allows pupils to consolidate and practise important maths concepts until they have fully mastered them.

To help them on their maths mastery journey, White Rose Maths equips pupils with logical reasoning, conceptual understanding, and a genuine interest in problem-solving — all of which are vital for pupils as they progress towards secondary school maths.


Sumdog low-stakes maths tests

Remember we said that at Sumdog we know what it means to make maths learning fun for pupils? That applies to White Rose Maths’ schemes of learning too. Even though White Rose Maths only started out six years ago, millions of pupils and teachers in the UK and around the world depend on their schemes of learning to study maths in a more rewarding way.

That’s why, to help the teachers, parents, schools, and pupils who use the White Rose Maths schemes of learning, we’ve created over 85 low-stakes tests aligned to their schemes of learning plus the ability to create your own!

⭐ Includes Unit and End of Term Arithmetic tests for Years 1-6

⭐ Quick and easy to set in class or as homework with virtual coin rewards        for correct answers

⭐ The perfect accompaniment to your existing teaching structure of                  primary maths.

WRM assessment


Using Sumdog to complement your White Rose Maths teaching

It’s not easy to create regular tests or set fun and engaging homework all the time, but both are vital methods of ensuring regular, targeted practice so that students can improve their mathematical fluency.

That’s where we come in.

You can use Sumdog to set homework tasks or in-class activities. It’s easy to do, and once your pupils have completed work on Sumdog, you can also use our insights and enhanced reporting to check for strengths and areas of improvement in your class. Our powerful diagnostic tool tells you which tricky concepts need to be revisited and can help identify any struggling pupils who might need additional support.

When it comes to maths tests, very few children actually look forward to sitting a test and many are actually intimidated by the prospect. On Sumdog we enable teachers to set low-stakes tests in a familiar, friendly environment and reward their pupils for their participation with virtual Sumdog coins.

Children can then use these rewards to customize their virtual 3D houses, gardens and avatars. Your pupils will respond more positively to learning in this fun environment, with over 30 fantastic games (free & paid) for them to choose from!

Sumdog’s tests are a great additional resource if you’re already teaching your pupils with White Rose Maths schemes of learning. Help your pupils progress towards maths mastery by empowering them to consolidate, revise and practise their in-class learning and focus on fluency and conceptual clarity.


Interested in how Sumdog's low stakes tests work?

Discover how you can incorporate our tests into your assessment and practice cycle to help build engagement and motivate your children to learn.


Learn more about Sumdog's low-stakes tests

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