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Spelling Lesson Activities That Will Engage Your Pupils!

The importance of teaching spelling in primary school

Spelling lessons are an essential part of any teacher's toolkit. Teaching spelling helps improve language skills, boosts pupils' confidence, and ensures effective communication.  Additionally, teaching spelling helps pupils recognise patterns and rules in language, which aids in deciphering unfamiliar words and expanding their overall reading comprehension.

Understanding your pupil's learning styles and tailoring your spelling lessons accordingly

To create fun spelling lessons, it is important to understand your pupil's learning styles and tailor your teaching accordingly. Some pupils may be visual learners who benefit from seeing words written down. Some may be auditory learners who learn best through hearing and repeating words. Kinesthetic learners, on the other hand, may need hands-on activities and movement to grasp spelling concepts. 

By incorporating a variety of activities that cater to different learning styles, you can ensure that every pupil is engaged and learning.

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Injecting fun into spelling lessons with games, puzzles, and interactive activities.

Children who enjoy spelling activities are more likely to engage with the material and practice more often. They may also develop a positive attitude towards spelling and learning in general. By learning spelling through games, songs, stories, or other creative methods, they are more likely to remember the words and their meanings. It can also stimulate children’s creativity and imagination by allowing them to express themselves in different ways.


Ideas on how to make spelling lessons exciting and engaging

We have put together 5 multi-sensory activities to include in your spelling lessons.


Sumdog icon number oneWrite your songs or chants in which you spell out the letters that make up a word, accompanied by a tune. Why not include the meaning in the song too. Rhythm and beats can help commit a word to memory. Aretha Franklin shows it can be done in her song ‘Respect’.


26Get outside and engage in spelling skills with fun scavenger hunts. Hide letters or letter strings on paper around the school and children have to find them to create as many words as they can. 



An old favourite that is sometimes forgotten is Mnemonics, which are memory aids. They might be phrases, visuals, rhymes, or anything else that helps pupils recall a spelling pattern.



Implement a "Word-a-Day" challenge in your classroom! Each day, introduce a new word from the spelling word list and encourage pupils to use it in their conversations. This not only boosts their spelling skills but also expands their vocabulary.


2023 Sumdog icons

Games-based practice with Sumdog. Why not set regular practice of spelling word lists on Sumdog for the children the children to practise in over 30 games. They are rewarded with coins for correct answers and teachers can track their accuracy with each spelling list.   


So what have we learned?

By incorporating some of these creative ideas into your spelling lessons, you can transform them from monotonous tasks into fun language adventures. 

As children grow in confidence with their spelling, they become better writers, thinkers, and communicators. By focusing on spelling and its importance, you are equipping your pupils with a vital skill that will support them throughout their lives.


Ready to try Sumdog Spelling in your spelling lessons?

Use Sumdog's ready-made word lists to set fun and engaging practice to consolidate spelling learning. 

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