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Simplify Your Login Process with QR Codes on Sumdog

Discover how Sumdog's QR code logins can simplify and enhance your login process.

What is the new login process on Sumdog?

Sumdog is an online learning app that provides over 30 single and multi-player games to help pupils improve their maths and spelling skills. We're delighted to announce that Sumdog has now launched QR code logins to make it easier for children to access their accounts.

Traditionally, pupils would need to remember their usernames, passwords and school codes to log in to Sumdog. However, with QR code logins, your class can now simply scan a QR code using their mobile devices to instantly log in to their accounts. This eliminates the need for pupils to remember complex login information and saves them time and removes any frustration.


"It has given the children so much more independence and all of them are capable of logging in with a QR code. It's much faster so children have longer to engage with the app. It has made children less reliant on adults and has freed up staff to continue working with children that need it. Now we are able to access Sumdog more frequently in short amounts of time." 

Scott Dyer, Maths Lead at Britannia Education Trust, UK


The benefits of using QR code logins

There are several benefits to using QR code logins on Sumdog. Firstly, it simplifies and speeds up the login process for pupils, as they no longer have to remember their usernames and passwords. This reduces the chances of children forgetting their login information or getting locked out of their accounts.

Additionally, QR code logins are convenient for pupils who use mobile devices. They can easily scan the QR code using the camera on their smartphones or tablets, eliminating the need to type in their login details. This saves time and makes the login process more efficient.

We understand the importance of minimising barriers to learning in schools and at home, and QR code logins help to do just that.

How you can manage QR code logins in your classroom 

  • Introduce QR codes in the classroom: Start by explaining to your class what QR codes are and how they can use them to access Sumdog. Show them how to scan QR codes using their devices and guide them through the login process. This initial introduction will familiarise them with the concept and make it easier for them to use QR codes independently.

  • To Provide QR codes for home use: To ensure that pupils can access Sumdog from home, provide them with printed QR codes that they can stick in their exercise book or digital copies that they can easily scan. Include instructions on how to use the QR codes and encourage parents/guardians to assist younger children if needed. By equipping pupils with the necessary tools, you can empower them to continue their learning outside of the classroom.

How to set up and use QR code logins on Sumdog

Setting up and using QR code logins on Sumdog is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to get started:

1. Log in to your teacher account on Sumdog.

2. Navigate to the pupil logins section in the bottom left of your teacher dashboard.

3. Select 'login details' where you'll find a tab with QR codes.

4. You can then print these out or display them on screen in your classroom. 

You can find more detailed instructions in our Help Centre article.

What are you waiting for?

QR code logins on Sumdog offer a convenient and secure way for pupils to access their accounts. By simplifying the login process, Sumdog has made it easier for children to engage with the platform and focus on improving their maths and literacy skills.

Whether it's saving time, reducing frustration, or providing peace of mind, QR code logins bring numerous benefits to Sumdog schools. Embrace this new login method and unlock the full potential of Sumdog for your class!

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