Sumdog’s house is ready!

We’ve given every Sumdog student an on-screen house. To decorate it, they can buy stuff with their Sumdog coins. They get coins when they answer questions correctly.

This video tells you all about Sumdog’s house – including how to open it for your students.

And just to be clear – the coins, the house and the gifts are all virtual. But the motivation, the learning and the progress you’ll see will be very real indeed.

Housewarming Contest!

Sumdog House

Soon, we’ll give each Sumdog student an on-screen house.

To celebrate, we’re holding special national contests, starting Friday March 20.

Each student who takes part will get a special gift for their new house!

It’s not too late to join in – you can sign up your class here.

The contests will take place in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Sumdog’s new teacher dashboard

Sumdog’s new teacher dashboard is now live. It’s your central page, from which all Sumdog’s teacher features can be accessed.

The tools you need to manage, monitor and motivate your students are all there, linked from the panels around the side.

To help you get to know the dashboard, we’ve recorded a short video introduction: