Festive stuff for your Sumdog house

To bring in the holiday season, we’re planning our biggest ever maths contest.

It starts early December and you can play any time during the contest, at school or at home.

Every student who plays in the Holiday Contest will receive ten – yes, TEN – festive items to decorate their Sumdog house.

Click here to enter your class in the Holiday Conetst.

To read more about our contests, visit our contests page.

Changing a student’s class

1. Choose your class

To move students from one class to another, go to your student list (on your teacher dashboard, click your school panel – on the right hand side – and choose ‘Students’).

Choose the students you want and click ‘Edit’.


2. Choose some students

Check the boxes beside the students you want to move.

To select all of the students at once, use the checkbox at the top of the student list, in the title row.


3. Pick a new class

Once you’ve chosen which students to move, click the ‘Change Class’ button at the top of the list.


You’ll see a list of the classes in your school.

To move them from one class to another, make sure you clear the checkbox beside their old class as well as clicking the one beside their new class.

Students can be in more than one class: just click more than one checkbox on this screen.

When you’re done, click ‘Save’. You’ll see the new class for each student – but you’re not quite done yet.

4. Save your changes

Although your changes are showing up, you’re still editing and they’ve not been saved yet.


You can go on to make other changes – for example, moving other students, or changing passwords.

Make sure you click “Save changes” when you’re finished, though, or your changes won’t be recorded.

View reports for your class:
email info@sumdog.com

Sumdog’s new bar charts

This week, we’ve added new bar chart reports to Sumdog.

You can now choose custom time periods for both tabular and bar chart reports, and print out your reports.


As with the tabular reports we announced last week, you simply choose the classes, students and levels you want your chart to cover, and the metric you want to view.

Whether you’re checking effort, accuracy or speed, the bar chart makes it quick to compare the students in your class at a glance.

Choose custom time periods

Last week, some teachers noticed that they couldn’t yet select custom time periods for their class reports. Don’t worry, though -we’ve now included that feature for both types of report.


On the setup screen, just pick the start and end date for your reports. You can even go back to look at data from previous school years, if you like.

How to view the new bar charts

If your students are subscribed, you’ll be able to access the new bar charts and class reports whenever you want.

If you don’t have a subscription, and you’d like to see the charts for your class, get in touch!

Email info@sumdog.com.

Try our new Class Reports

Sumdog’s new Class Reports

This week, we’ve launched a new range of class reports on Sumdog.

They let you see at a glance how your students are progressing.


Choose the classes and students that are covered in your report and which metric you want to view.

Watch your students progress

The Status Report shows which skills your students have worked on.

Green shows the skills your students have completed, while yellow shows the ones they’ve started working on.

Each skill is correlated to the curriculum and standards used in schools, making it easy to check where you need to focus your support.

Effort and accuracy

Statistics on accuracy, effort and speed let you drill down into your students’ work.

These metrics can be viewed over different reporting periods. Check their most recent work, or look further back over the full academic year – and beyond.


How to view the new reports

If your students are subscribed, you’ll be able to access the new class reports whenever you want.

If you don’t have a subscription and you’d like to see reports for your class, we can set your school up with a free trial.

Email info@sumdog.com to find out more.

Join a Sumdog contest

Sumdog Contests

Sumdog’s contests are here again!

Our contests are a fun, free way to motivate your students. To take part, they simply play Sumdog’s online math games.

Find your local contest

Scores are based on accuracy, and the questions adapt to each student’s level – so everyone has an even chance of winning.

Try Sumdog’s reports in your school:
email info@sumdog.com

Hard Skills on Sumdog

We’re skipping skills – automatically!

This week, we’ve added a new feature to Sumdog. When a student finds a skill hard to complete, we’ll automatically skip past it to the next skill.

We call these Hard Skills. We show how many Hard Skills each student has on their report page. To see this, click the student’s name on your dashboard.


In training mode, we usually ask two types of questions. Some are from the focus skill – the one the student is currently working on. Others are designed to revise earlier skills.

When we skip a Hard Skill, we switch the student to focus on the next skill in the curriculum. At the same time we include questions from the skipped skill in our revision mix.

And when Hard Skills get easier…

We include questions from Hard Skills in our revision mix so that we can monitor when a student is ready to try them again.

When they’re answering well enough to progress, we’ll switch their focus back to the Hard Skill, so they can complete it.

Too many Hard Skills?

If a student collects three Hard Skills, we’ll temporarily switch them to just answering revision questions.

We do this in case the student has been placed too high in the diagnostic test, or has reached part of the curriculum they’ve not yet learned.

We’ll keep asking questions on the Hard Skills, though, so we can tell when they’re ready to start progressing again.

The Hard Skills report

If your students are subscribed, you’ll be able to view the Hard Skills report for each one.


It shows you which skills we’ve skipped, and with the number of questions, accuracy and speed for each one.

You’ll also see when the skill was marked as hard and – if they’ve started working on it again – when we switched it back to being the student’s focus.

Try Sumdog’s reports in your school:
email info@sumdog.com

Setting skills for your students

Set minimum and maximum levels

You can now restrict the skills that Sumdog chooses for your class by setting a minimum and a maximum level.


Your restrictions applies whenever those students play training or in Sumdog contests – and only during school hours.

However, in assessments, challenges or competitions that you set up, the restrictions won’t be applied. You’ll choose the skills for those activities when you set them up.

Your student can still choose which skills they work on – but only within the levels you’ve chosen for them.

Students can choose skills

Or let your students choose the skills they work on. To do this, click the “Choose skills” button on the left of their screen.


They’ll see a list of skills with green lights for the ones they’ve completed. They won’t earn coins for these skills.

To browse by curriculum, click “Show filters” on the bottom left.

Set specific skills with activities

If your students are subscribed, set an activity to choose specific skills for them to work on.


Your challenge or competition will ignore any class-level restrictions you’ve set. You’ll be able to set goals for your students, and choose skills separately for each individual.

Try Sumdog’s reports in your school:
email info@sumdog.com