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New on Sumdog: high score tables

Here’s a cool new thing on Sumdog. At the end of every game, you’ll now see a set of high score tables.

There are three high score tables: one for your Sumdog friends, one for your school, and one for all of Sumdog.


In each table, you’ll see the best scores for the month.

At the end of each month, we reset all of the scores - so you’ll have to keep playing to make sure you stay top!

Student achievement certificates

Students have worked harder than ever this year on Sumdog. To recognize this, we’re producing a special personalized certificate of achievement.


Each student who takes part in one of our local or national contests during May will qualify for their own certificate, which includes details of the student’s progress over the year.

Teachers will be able to download them and print them off for the students as soon as the student has played.

To join a local or national contest so your students can get this certificate, click here.

If you’ve got a Sumdog teacher account and your students have played in one of these contests, download their certificates here!

End of year generosity

It’s getting close to the end of the school year, so we’re being a little generous with our subscriptions for schools in the US and Canada.

If you purchase a 1-year subscription between April 22 and May 31 2014, we’ll give you a free extension to cover you until the end of next school year.

The sooner you buy, the better value you get. For example, if you buy on April 22 and next year your school ends on June 26, you’ll be getting 430 days for the price of 365 - saving you 15%.

If you’re interested, get in touch and let us know when your school year ends and how many students you are looking to cover.

Offer not valid in conjunction with any other promotion or discount.

Managing teachers on Sumdog

This week’s tutorial video shows you how to accept teachers into your school.

On Sumdog, each teacher has his or her own login. They can search for, and apply to join, your school as part of the setup process.

When they do this, we send an email to let you know. One of the teachers on the school account will then need to approve that person’s join request.

Here’s how it works:

Hope it’s helpful!

How to use Sumdog’s new student hangout

To help you get to know Sumdog’s new student homepage, we’ve recorded a tutorial video.

As well as being easier to use, the new homepage tells you more about your progress, and which skills you’ve mastered.

You’ll find it quicker to choose a new activity, or select which skills you want to work on.

Let us know what you think!

This week: a new interface

This week, we’ll be updating the interface your students use.

These changes will make it much easier for students to choose which skills they work on - and track their progress. 

Teachers still retain control of each student’s Default Skills, though. And the students can only ever choose from within these Default Skills.


As you can see from the pictures here, Sumdog will remain very similar visually. However, you’ll notice a few new things.


Clicking the panels around the screen will give much more information. And we’ve moved all the fun stuff - games, profile, friends and so on - to the right of the screen. 


The panels on the left give a lot more detail from the educational side of Sumdog. Click to see more information about the activity you’re working on, together with some up-to-date stats. 


It’ll be easier for students to choose what they work on - and to view their progress. Beside each skill, you’ll see a set of lights, with the following meanings:

  • red - started
  • orange - accurate
  • yellow - fast & accurate
  • green - mastered


However, rest assured - teachers are still in overall control the skills their students choose from. Students can only ever choose within the Default Skills that have been set by their teacher.

In case it’s useful, here’s a tutorial to remind you how to specify the Default Skills for each of your students: 

We’ll be making these updates later this week. Hope you like them!