Extra coins and extra turns

151008 Longer questions

Longer questions, larger rewards

Some questions – like word problems or graphs – just take a little bit longer. We now give extra rewards for them.

We’ve analysed each skill to research how long the questions take and ranked the skills accordingly.

For the longer questions, a correct answer will now be rewarded with one or two bonus coins.

And that’s not all: to help you stay in the game, you’ll also get one or two extra turns.

Give it a go – you’ll soon find your students loving word problems!

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New game, updated app

Our new game: Pirate Ship

There’s a new game on Sumdog: Pirate Ship.

Each time you answer a question correctly, you’ll get a new item to stack on your ship’s deck.


Balance your loot carefully on the slippy deck as your ship rocks back and forth in the waves – you’ll get points for everything that’s left at the end of the game!

Click here to play Pirate ship. As usual, it’s only available to subscribed students at first – but after a while, everyone will be able to play it.

Have you updated your App?

If you’re playing on an iPad, iPhone or Android tablet, please take a moment to check you have the latest version of the Sumdog app.

You’ll find links to the downloads on our apps page.

Cycle Race is now free

Cycle Race is now free!

Don’t worry if you’re not subscribed – we’ve got something for you too.

We’ve made Cycle Race free for everyone. Click here to play Cycle Race.

Update your student list

How to upload your new class list

Sumdog lets you update – or create – lots of student logins at once, by simply uploading a spreadsheet.

When you do this, you can specify the class and, if you wish, a custom username and password for each student.

We’ll check your upload for matches to any existing students and update their records with the new class and login information.

Find out more in our video

In our video below, we’ll show you how to export your current class list, so you can update the information and then re-upload it.


Sumdog’s upload tool makes it quick and easy to keep your class – or even the whole school – up to date with one simple spreadsheet.

Set skills and minimum levels

Progress Hub normally chooses skills for each student to work on but sometimes you’ll want to choose a different skill – maybe for revision or to reinforce class teaching.

Students: choose specific skills

Teachers: set minimum level

Teachers: use activities to specify skills

During the activity setup, you’ll be able to choose skills in exactly the same way. You can choose when the challenge starts and ends.

Challenges and Competitions are currently subscription services. Email info@sumdog.com to find out more.