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It’s double coins week!

Everyone’s a little short on coins after the holidays, so we’re giving every Sumdog player a bonus this week.

Between January 20 and January 24, you’ll get two coins for every correct answer.

So it’s a great week to let Sumdog help motivate your students!

Sumdog Writing is here!


We’re pleased to announce that Sumdog Writing is now available.

There are three writing games at launch, and we’re planning more soon.

Sumdog Writing has some differences from the rest of Sumdog, so here’s a summary page that might help.

Winners share their story

Rachelle Cook’s class in Alanson, Michigan, came first in Sumdog’s Charlevoix-Emmet contest in November.


Here is what she has to say about their experience:

Our class loved participating in the local Sumdog Competition that finished last week. My 4th graders were asking to play it for homework as well.

I love that I as the teacher, can monitor what games they are playing as well as how they are doing on the math skills/games. My students know that I am checking/watching and that makes them be held more accountable and not just rush through the games.

What a fantastic website and we look forward to playing Sumdog throughout the school year.

Last call for the Holiday Contest


Our biggest ever contest starts at 8am this Friday, December 6, and runs until 8pm on December 12.

Every student who takes part - no matter what their score - will receive these three festive outfits for their on-screen avatar.

If you’ve not yet entered your students, there’s still time. Enter here.

We’ve got a helpful tutorial video that will guide you through the contest setup. It also explains how the contests work.


Sumdog Writing preview

We’re putting the finishing touches to Sumdog Writing, so we thought you’d like to have a quick preview.

We’ve recorded a short video that gives you an introduction to what Sumdog Writing is all about.

Remember - if you purchase Sumdog Reading before December 1, we’ll add Sumdog Writing to that subscription when it’s ready - free of charge.

You can get a quote for a Sumdog subscription here.

Sumdog helps improve accuracy

Susanna Dayton, a teacher at Mariposa Elementary in St. Lucie, Florida, wrote to us last week about her experience with Sumdog.


Here’s what she had to say:

I just wanted to let you know how much our students enjoy the games on Sumdog. 

We have a student who was really struggling with math and his achievement was well below grade level. I set him up with a Sumdog account and encouraged his parents to allow him to use it at home. The first night he answered more than 900 questions with a 50% accuracy rate. The next week, his accuracy rate had improved to 55%. Three weeks later, he had answered nearly 4,000 questions and his accuracy rate had skyrocketed to 78%!

Thank you Sumdog for creating engaging math games that students love to play!