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How to Prepare for the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) with Sumdog

Prepare your pupils for the MTC assessment this June by using Sumdog to build confidence and fluency in times tables.

For the first time last June, the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) was introduced to all public and government-funded schools in England as a compulsory assessment for Year 4 pupils. This year, the MTC is set to be administered by schools between Monday 3rd June and Friday 14th of June 2024.

At Sumdog, we want to ensure your pupils are feeling confident and well-prepared ahead of the test – here’s how we can help!

What is the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC)?

Firstly, let’s delve into what exactly the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) is. Designed by the Department of Education (DfE), the MTC is an online assessment created to help pupils learn and conquer their times tables. In doing so, it is believed that pupils will have less difficulty with more complex maths problems as they progress into secondary school.


What does the MTC look like?

  • The assessment is made up of 25 questions that aim to evaluate Year 4 pupils’ knowledge of 2-12 times tables.  
  • Pupils will have 6 seconds to answer each question and must answer all questions correctly to pass.
  • The test will last no longer than 5 minutes per pupil and they will not see their results.
  • Schools are required to share pupils’ results with their parents and guardians. 


How does Sumdog support preparing for the MTC?

Sumdog's MTC tool

At Sumdog, we know how challenging it can be for pupils to master their times tables. Yet, we recognise that the real hurdle in building times tables fluency is being able to engage and motivate pupils to learn.

That’s why our team have created an interactive and easy-to-use MTC practice tool to help children get to grips with their times tables in a fun and engaging way. Our MTC replica tool allows pupils to familiarise themselves with the official test in a safe, pressure-free environment. Therefore, children are able to build confidence in their times tables without having to worry about results.


How does Sumdog support building times tables fluency?

Beyond the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC), the Sumdog team want to ensure children continue to build confidence in their times tables ability as their learning progresses. The Multiplication tables mode on our platform allows teachers to set times tables challenges for pupils to complete while playing their favourite Sumdog games.

Sumdog’s times tables challenges are a great way to set specific work for those trickier tables and to gauge where your pupils may need more practice. Designed to complement your existing tables teaching, our challenges feature helps to create a more exciting and dynamic learning environment that encourages children to build fluency in times tables.

Setting a times tables challenge on Sumdog


Getting started

Here at Sumdog, we believe that mastering times tables at an early age helps to lay a strong foundation for future maths learning. It’s therefore our aim to help support children in building times tables fluency as best as we can. As the lead-up to the MTC grows closer, we want to ensure your pupils are feeling confident and well-prepared far in advance.

Our MTC replica tool and times tables challenges are great resources for teachers to use with their Year 4 class. Let’s help your pupils reach their full potential by conquering their times tables ahead of the MTC assessment this June!

Learn more about how Sumdog can help support your tables practice and access  our free MTC pack





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