Sumdog + Clever = more time for teachers and students!

Clever Sumdog Partnership

We are hugely excited to announce that we have partnered with Clever in the US to offer both instant login and automatic rostering, so we can help you save time in the classroom!

Clever is already used by half of US schools and provides an invaluable service to educators by helping them organise, utilize and manage the wide range of technology used in schools and classrooms.

Sumdog is one of the first tools to offer Instant Login with a free app on Clever! Get Sumdog added to your students’ app trays on Clever, and they will only need to sign in to Sumdog the very first time they use it. After that, they’ll be able to log straight in.

Clever’s own research shows that up to 15 minutes of class time can get used up just trying to get students logged in. Our Single Sign On integration, combined with Clever’s unique badges for younger students, mean students can get logged in straight away and put that time into learning instead.

Even better, add on auto-rostering and we’ll link with your roster so that your classes are automatically set up in Sumdog and kept up to date. Students won’t even have to log in that first time, and educators don’t have to waste teaching valuable hours on admin!

We are delighted to be able to offer this service across the US to help teachers spend more time teaching, and students spend more time learning. For us it’s another essential step in our mission to close the achievement gap.

Contact your district administrator to get Sumdog added to your Clever portal!

If you have any questions, check out our help pages, or get in touch at

Maths Week Scotland Contest – what a week!


Pupils across Scotland answered an amazing 16,827,720 questions during our Scotland-wide contest for Maths Week Scotland! Well done to everyone who took part!

It was great to see 4900 teams across 860 schools getting involved and having fun with maths.

Huge congratulations to the winning team at Woodmuir Primary! They came top with an average accuracy score of 94.3%. We were delighted to join them at Holyrood, where Deputy First Minister John Swinney presented their special trophy.

John Swinney presents Woodmuir Primary with Sumdog trophy
Winners of Sumdog’s Maths Week Scotland contest, Woodmuir Primary, are presented with their trophy at Holyrood by Deputy First Minister John Swinney.

We can’t wait to get involved in Maths Week Scotland again next year!

Until then, we’ve got lots of regional and national contests running. Join in for free here.

Maths Week Scotland is coming up…

Remember to enter Maths Week Scotland’s Sumdog contest!

Everyone is encouraged to take part in the Scottish Government’s Maths Week Scotland 2017. The aim is to create enthusiasm for learning maths among pupils, parents and teachers as well as highlighting the importance of maths as a skill for all careers.

Maths Week Scotland’s Sumdog contest spreads positive messages:

  • Students answer questions to their own ability promoting the message that everyone can do maths
  • It’s accessible for everyone. It does’t take long to get a good score – you can play for around an hour and get the winning score
  • Anyone can win building confidence and enjoyment in everyone’s maths experience
  • Pupils can play at home so parents can get involved and have fun supporting their children’s learning

Join over 2000 classes already entered:



Maths Week Poster

Join “Maths Week Scotland” Contest

We’re running a special Sumdog contest in partnership with the Scottish Government’s Maths Week Scotland. It starts on Friday 8th September, and runs for a week.
You’ll love the contest because:
  • Everyone has a fair chance of winning
  • It doesn’t take long to get a competitive score
  • The winning class receives the prestigious Sumdog Trophy plus a subscription to access Sumdog’s Premium Teaching Tools

Our Scotland contest follows the success of our first ever Scotland-wide in May for National Digital Learning week where we had 2000 entries!

To take part, your class simply play Sumdog’s free maths games, answering questions as they go. You can play at any time.
Join now and be part of the fun!

Your students love the new kitchen!

Thank you to everyone who got in touch with excitement about the new Sumdog room. Please keep your comments coming! Get in touch.

If your students haven’t seen it, tell them to log on and play.  And the excitement continues – if they’ve earned any new items, they’ll be coming next week!

Here’s just a few quotes from teachers with very excited students:

“We just opened our kitchens!! When I showed them your email, they screamed! They are very excited about it and can’t wait to fill it up!

Denise Ludick, Crucifixion School

“We all logged in May 1st ready to see our kitchen. We have been earning kitchen gifts for the past weeks! Thank you for the email update, now I can pass along the info on when the kids can open the kitchen gifts they earned!!! You guys are awesome! We love Sumdog!!”

Wyndelyn White, Howard Perrin Elementary

“My students are VERY excited about the new room on Sumdog. Thank you for always changing and making learning fun!”

Mrs Williams, Warren Elementary

“My students were so excited when they discovered their kitchens
today! They were all a buzz and everyone was begging me to open
the house so that they could see if they got a new room or not.”

Jody Hutcheson, Bon Air Middle School

“Gasps of excitement when I told my class they get a new room in
May! They love SumDog and I love that they are learning while
they play it!!!!”

Cassandra Christen, St. Bonaventure



Can your class win the top spot in your state?

You bet they can!

In our contest, age or ability does not matter – every class has an equal chance!

Our summer math contest is the first ever state-wide contest. To celebrate, the winning class receive a prestigious trophy. First place winners will also receive our personalized mastery learning tools to target skills and close achievement gaps. And it gets even better. Every student who plays receives new items for their Sumdog house.
Our summer contest runs May 5-11. Don’t miss out.

Summer contest

About Sumdog contests

Students compete against other classes in your state by playing math games. Questions are individualized so everyone can compete regardless of their age or ability.

The score is a class average and every student answers up to 1000 questions so even if you don’t have a lot of computer time you still  have an equal chance.

Sumdog experts

Thank you so much to Sandwood Primary School who sent us wonderful Sumdog reports. We loved them!

Check out our slideshow of P4s impressive art work to find out more about Sumdog.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do you have anything you’d like include in our blog? Send it to

Scotland-wide contest!

Could your class be the proud winners of our
exclusive trophy? 

Sumdog Contests1 

Enter our first ever Scotland-wide maths contest to find out.

The winning class will receive an exclusive trophy as well as a premium Sumdog subscription.

Sumdog’s Scottish contest is in support of National Digital Learning week set up by Education Scotland. It’s really easy to get involved and pupils LOVE our contests.

“Sumdog contests have  significantly improved engagement with home learning in my class where the majority of the class give 100% which is incredible.”
Lynne Scott, Sandwood Primary, Glasgow 

Pupils play Sumdog games and answer up to 1000 maths questions.  Scores are based on a class average so it’s fair for everyone and encourages team spirit. Every student answers questions generated to their own indiviudal needs – everyone has a chance to win.

The contest runs 12th-18th of May.

Join the 1500 classes that have already entered here.

Recycling 3D is out now!

Our newest 3D game is here.

Are your students good at recycling?

In our new game, answer educational questions while putting as many recyclable items into your box. The most items wins.

Look out for magic fish bones to see something special.

If you’re using our app, remember to get the Sumdog 3D app from here.

We’re constantly bringing out new 3D games. If you would like to play them, but are not subscribed, we’d still love for you to try them: call us at 877-978-6364.


Hear questions out loud

unnamed (1).jpg

We’re excited to announce that soon questions will be read out loud on Sumdog.

We’ve had lots of requests for this and are pleased we’re now able to deliver it. We know that lots of students will benefit from having questions spoken to them, including your younger students.

For mathematics, students choose from multiple choice answers. For Sumdog spelling, students listen to a question and type the answer.
We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments. Get in touch here.