Scotland-wide contest!

Could your class be the proud winners of our
exclusive trophy? 

Sumdog Contests1 

Enter our first ever Scotland-wide maths contest to find out.

The winning class will receive an exclusive trophy as well as a premium Sumdog subscription.

Sumdog’s Scottish contest is in support of National Digital Learning week set up by Education Scotland. It’s really easy to get involved and pupils LOVE our contests.

“Sumdog contests have  significantly improved engagement with home learning in my class where the majority of the class give 100% which is incredible.”
Lynne Scott, Sandwood Primary, Glasgow 

Pupils play Sumdog games and answer up to 1000 maths questions.  Scores are based on a class average so it’s fair for everyone and encourages team spirit. Every student answers questions generated to their own indiviudal needs – everyone has a chance to win.

The contest runs 12th-18th of May.

Join the 1500 classes that have already entered here.

Recycling 3D is out now!

Our newest 3D game is here.

Are your students good at recycling?

In our new game, answer educational questions while putting as many recyclable items into your box. The most items wins.

Look out for magic fish bones to see something special.

If you’re using our app, remember to get the Sumdog 3D app from here.

We’re constantly bringing out new 3D games. If you would like to play them, but are not subscribed, we’d still love for you to try them: call us at 877-978-6364.


Hear questions out loud

unnamed (1).jpg

We’re excited to announce that soon questions will be read out loud on Sumdog.

We’ve had lots of requests for this and are pleased we’re now able to deliver it. We know that lots of students will benefit from having questions spoken to them, including your younger students.

For mathematics, students choose from multiple choice answers. For Sumdog spelling, students listen to a question and type the answer.
We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments. Get in touch here.

Play Glider 3D on our 3D app

Play Glider, as well as all our new games, online and on the Sumdog 3D app. In Glider, answer educational questions and then fly between buildings. Win points for landing on targets.

If you are using the app, don’t forget to download our brand new 3D app here.

At the moment, our new 3D games are premium. If you’re not subscribed we’d still love for you to try them out: call us at 877-978-6364.

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Go Cart 3D

Our new game is already the most popular!

In Go Cart 3D, you answer educational questions while racing around a supermarket collecting items. Use the on screen arrows or your keyboard to navigate your avatar. The first to get to the checkout wins.

This is Sumdog’s first game to include ‘power-ups’ to boost your avatar’s speed.


If you’re using our app, remember to get the Sumdog 3D app to play all our latest games. Get the 3D app here.

At the moment, our new 3D games are premium. If you’re not subscribed we’d still love for your students to try them out: call us at 877-978-6364.

Sumdog’s kitchen is coming

Play each week…
get your Sumdog Kitchen!

We’re going to add a new room to Sumdog’s on-screen house: a kitchen. It’s the first time we’ve added a new room.

Every student who uses Sumdog during May will receive this extra room.

We’ll help decorate it, too. For each of the next twelve weeks, there’s a new item of kitchen furniture to collect – simply by playing Sumdog.

Your students will receive all of the items they collect when they play in May.

It’s the best of both worlds: lots of mathematics practice – and a shiny new kitchen!

About Sumdog’s House

Sumdog’s on-screen house is a great motivation for your students.

Every correct answer they give earns them virtual coins – which they can use to decorate their house.

As teachers, you can control when they access the house during school hours: for example, you can open it as a reward at the end of class.

“My family is proud that I came first”

Students have been working hard, having fun and winning prizes in Sumdog’s free regional and national mathematics contests.

Contests are fair for everyone. Scores are based on the class average and questions are adapted to each student’s ability.

Here’s Graettinger-Terril School in Iowa hard at work in a local contest. They even compete at weekends and holidays:
Whitehirst Park School find it exciting to work as a team and see which other schools are competing.
“I like to concentrate so that I get most of my questions correct. My family is proud that I came first.” 
Well done, Kyle!
There’s still time for your students to join in. It’s easy to get involved – all you have to do is click here to enter your class.
We’d love to see your pictures on Twitter or Facebook. Use the hastag #SumdogContests to share!
If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Sumdog’s newest roster

Easier student management

We’ve made it much easier to manage your students. Here’s what you can do on the new roster: 

  • Easily move students by clicking and dragging their names
  • View and print login details
  • Click a class to see and add new students
  • Add new classes
  • View all the classes on your roster by clicking ‘show all classes’

We’d really love to hear what you think of these recent changes. If you have any feedback, please use our contact form to get in touch.

Set homework on Sumdog

Give your students a challenge

Create a Sumdog challenge for homework to encourage your students to practise skills they’ve been working on in class. For example, challenge them to answer 100 questions on multiplication.

Sumdog has hundreds of skills you can choose from.

Students play the games as normal. When they reach the target they are rewarded with bonus coins to spend in the Sumdog house.

To set it up, click the ‘activities’ button on the left of your teacher dashboard and choose ‘create challenge’.


Track their progress

Save time on marking by viewing which students have accomplished the goal alongside questions attempted, accuracy and correct answers.


Challenges are a subscription feature. If you are not subscribed we’d still love you to try them out. If you’re interested in a free trial please email

Start the year with a contest

Join our fun Sumdog contests


Last year over 1.6 million students participated!
Students answer mathematics questions specifically chosen for them so everyone has a fair chance at winning.

It doesn’t take long – even an hour can be enough to get a high score.

It’s really quick and easy to enter. Simply click here to enter your class.

The winner will receive a free class subscription for a year. This means unlimited access to reports, games and activities. Students can also win certificates and participation rewards.

If you have any questions, please contact us.