Tidy up Sumdog


This week, we’ve added some new tools to help you tidy up your school’s Sumdog account.

If you’ve got student logins that haven’t been used, or students who have moved on to a new school, this will make it quick and easy to clean things up.


You’ll find the new tools under your school name, on the right hand side of your dashboard.

You can choose how old the accounts to be removed should be, and see a count of the number of logins you’ll be deleting. Click ‘Delete Users’ and confirm that you want to go ahead, and the accounts will be permanently deleted.

Invite your students’ parents to get on board at:

Checking student activity

With the weather hitting hard in some parts of the world, teachers are relying on Sumdog to keep student minds warm.

Whatever the temperature where you are, we’ve some helpful tips on checking your students’ activity.

The student’s report shows his or her current focus skill, as well as the number of questions she’s completed in the past week.


Access the subject report by clicking the student’s name on your dashboard – it’s available whether or not you’re subscribed.

Find out how long your students play

For more detail, check the Time on Sumdog report. It shows how long each student has spent on Sumdog each day.


Take a look at this teacher from Wales, UK who saw several students play Sumdog for over 5 hours in just one week:

The students were then rewarded in their school assembly.

Run the report yourself

To run the report, click the Class Reports button. Choose the subject and students, and the dates you want to look at.

If your students are subscribed, you’ll be able to access the new Time on Sumdog report whenever you want.

If you don’t have a subscription, and you’d like to try out this report with your class, get in touch.

Email info@sumdog.com to get started!

Set skills for your students

Set minimum and maximum levels

To restrict the skills that Sumdog chooses for your class, set a minimum and maximum level.

Your restriction will apply whenever those students play during school hours – except when you’ve set specific skills for an assessment or activity.

Your students can still choose which skills they work on  – but only within the levels you’ve chosen for them.

How students choose skills

You can also let your students choose the skills they work on.

To do this, they click the “Choose skills” button at the left of the screen.


They’ll then see a list of skills, with a pet symbol beside the ones for which their pet can learn tricks.

To browse by skills or grade levels, click “Show filters”, at the bottom left.

Want to focus on specific skills? Set an activity

If your students are subscribed, set an activity to choose specific skills for them to work on.

If you’re not yet subscribed and you’d like to try out an activity, get in touch: info@sumdog.com.


Sumdog’s new gentle diagnostic


At the start of August, we introduced a diagnostic test for students on Sumdog. It lets us see the level at which each student should work.

Some teachers told us that their students found the test difficult and that it took too long.

Well, we took on board your suggestions and went to work on the diagnostic tests. Now:

  • it’s much quicker to complete. The new test generally takes just a handful of games;
  • we ask far fewer hard questions. In the new test, students tend to get around 80% of the questions correct;
  • students enjoy it more. To build confidence, we make sure we ask an easier questions after each incorrect answer.

A report for each student

Once the test is complete, we start asking questions a little below the diagnostic level – again, to build the student’s confidence.

At this point, you’ll get a comprehensive report for each student – whether or not you’re subscribed.


To see the report, click the student’s name on your dashboard. To choose a different class, click the green class button (under the Sumdog logo).

The report shows you the skills covered by the test, with sample questions, and your student’s accuracy and speed for each one.

Rerun the diagnostic test

We’ve found our new diagnostic test places students more accurately.

You can choose to rerun the diagnostic test – for example, if a student is working at too low or too high a level.

To rerun the test, go to the student’s diagnostic report and click the button at the bottom of the screen. Please make sure that parents, sisters or brothers don’t help, as it could distort Sumdog’s understanding of the student’s ability.

Invite your students’ families to get on board: http://www.sumdog.com/sign_up

Using Sumdog at home


For lots of Sumdog’s students, it’s that time of year when school can be disrupted by the weather.

We’ve heard quite a few tales of Sumdog helping out when students can’t make it through the snow.

Whatever the weather where you are, though, your students can always benefit from using Sumdog at home. So here are a couple of hints.

Get parents on board

Did you know there’s a free Sumdog login for parents? It lets them keep in touch with their child’s Sumdog work.

We’ll email them updates on their child’s efforts, and let them know how to get the most from Sumdog.

Parents can sign up here – it only takes a few seconds.

Focus your students: set an activity

To encourage your students to use Sumdog at home, why not set an activity? It gives a goal to aim for, and lets you specify what they work on.

If your students are subscribed, log in and click the activities button on the left of the scree. Choose “Create a challenge” and select the participants, goals and skills.

If you don’t have a subscription, don’t worry! Just email info@sumdog.com and let us know what the weather’s like where you are and we’ll let you try it out.

Sumdog’s House

At Sumdog, we believe that student motivation is vital… but that teachers remain in control.

Sumdog’s House is a great example of this. Each student has an on-screen house, which they can decorate as they wish.


They can ‘purchase’ items for their house using the virtual coins they earn for correct answers. This lets them personalize their Sumdog experience – but only if they keep working their skills.

In the house, they can also change their on-screen avatar, and buy clothes and accessories for it.

Control your student’s house use

Normally, the Sumdog House is closed during school hours – between 8.30am and 3.30pm on weekdays.


However, you can control when your students can access the house. You can either…

  • temporarily open the house for just your class, or
  • open the house all of the time for your whole school.

For example, many teachers open the house towards the end of the class, as a reward for students.

Find out about this on our help pages – we’ve got a great tutorial video about the house.

Try Sumdog’s premium features with your class: info@sumdog.com

The new Class Summary report

Our best report yet

There’s another brand new report on Sumdog this week and we think it might be our best one so far.

Sumdog’s Class Summary report gives a complete overview of your class, with correlations and progress metrics.160113-summary-report

The Class Summary report lists your students and, for each one, shows you:

  • the skill they’re currently working on
  • the diagnostic result
  • the current proficiency levle
  • their effort this week

Click a name to see more detail on that student, including hard skills and proficiency charts.

Alternatively, expand the skill to see sample questions and in-depth correlations.

Check your Class Summary Report

To run the report, click the Class Reports button. Choose the subject and students, and the dates you want to look at.

If your students are subscribed, you’ll be able to access the new Summary Report whenever you want.

If you don’t have a subscription, and you’d like to try the new report for your class, get in touch!

Email info@sumdog.com