Sumdog Case Studies


“I notice an increase in the speed, accuracy and motivation of the mental mathematics”

Mrs L. Scott, Sandwood Primary School

In June 2016, Andrew Gallacher, Mathematics Education Coordinator at the University of Glasgow, visited 3 schools to investigate student and teacher experiences using Sumdog.

Each visit involved a structured class discussion about Sumdog followed by an interview with the class teacher.

The opinions were very positive, with teachers reporting more progress, and students saying they found themselves enjoying mathematics more with Sumdog.

You can read the case studies here.

Play Sumdog’s first 3D game!

Children love Sumdog games so much that they keep asking for more. We’ve listened and are pleased to announce the release of our new and exciting game: Kabloom 3D.

Everytime you answer a question correctly you cover the city in flowers.

3D games are only available for subscribed students. If you are interested in a free trial, please contact us.


To find out which browsers Kabloom 3D is compatible with click here. Kabloom 3D is also available as an Andriod app and will soon be available for Apple devices too.


Our new Group Roster

We’ve added a new group roster to Sumdog to help you manage your groups easier and quicker.

Groups can be used to organize students in your class into smaller sets. You can then set activities and view reports for each group of students.

How do I create a group?

  • Use your class roster to set up your groups. All you need to do is click ‘select students’, choose your students and then ‘set group’
  • Find out more here: How do I create a group?

With the new group roster, you can:

  • Move students between groups by clicking and dragging them
  • Select multiple students to move/remove from groups
  • Search for students and find out which groups they currently belong to and add them into other groups


To find out more about our new group rosters and how to make the most out of them visit our help pages.

If you have any questions, get in contact with us at:


End-of-year administration

Using Sumdog’s rostering tools

Sumdog’s new student management tools let you update – or create – lots of student logins at once, by simply uploading a spreadsheet.

When you do this, you can specify the class and – if you wish – a custom username and password for each student.

We’ll check your upload for matches to any existing students, and update their records with the new class and login information.


Find out more in our video.

You’ll also see how to edit classes, move students between them and choose the usernames and passwords your students use for Sumdog.

Sumdog’s upload tool makes it quick and easy to keep your class – or even the whole school – up to date with one simple spreadsheet.

Try Sumdog’s reports in your school: email

Sumdog welcomes Khan Academy

Here’s some great news to end the week.

We’ve partnered with Khan Academy to deliver their wonderful instructional videos on Sumdog.

As you’ll know, Khan Academy offers a world-leading library containing thousands of tutorials. With their cooperation, we’ve correlated them with Sumdog’s skills.

So right now, at the end of each game, you’ll see video links on the corrections screen at the end of each game. We’ll automatically choose videos that explain the concepts your students found tricky.

We’d like to thank Khan Academy for letting us bring you these videos – and we’re sure you’ll want to do the same. It’s a fantastic addition to Sumdog, and a great introduction to what Khan Academy can offer your students.

Summer Trophy Quest


Invite your students’ parents!

This summer, your students can collect 10 on-screen trophies. There’s a different trophy to earn for each week you play.

To help encourage the students, you can invite their parents to take part as well.

Find out more

Each week, we’ll email them to let them know how their child is getting on, and which trophies have been collected.

Download our template parent letter.

And finally, from all of us at Sumdog…

Good luck to your students!

End of year report for your school


Your free full-year report

As the end of the school year is getting close, we’re offering every school a detailed full-year report.

It’ll give information on the top students, the overall metrics for the school, and a breakdown of Sumdog use across each class.

To request yours, just get in touch.