Our new student roster


Sumdog’s new rostering tool

We’re making some big changes to how you manage your classes and students on Sumdog. Here are some of the new things you can do…

Add students easily

Click your chosen class to expand it, and then click ‘Add Student’.

Sumdog automatically checks for duplicates. If you see the student already has a login, just click it to add it to your class. If not, choose “Create new login”.

Move students quickly and between classes

There’s no longer any need to select students and click ‘Edit’. Just drag the student’s card from one class to another.

Search for students

You can now search for students by name. You’ll see all the matches across your school; simply drag the student you’re looking for into your chosen class.

Removing and restoring students

It’s much easier to remove students – all you need to do is drag. Also, if you’ve accidentally removed a student, just expand the “Removed Students” section and drag her right back to her class.

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Play in a contest… get a progress report

report (1)

When your school takes part in one of our contests, you can request a special report showing how hard your students have worked.

To request yours, just email info@sumdog.com and let us know which contest you’ve joined.

Evidence that Sumdog improves proficiency


We’ve been working in partnership with a group of schools to check Sumdog’s efficacy in the classroom.

Our aim is to check if there is a relationship between time spent on Sumdog and mathematics improvement.


So far, we have found a positive correlation between playing Sumdog and proficiency improvement. The more time a student spends using Sumdog, the higher their proficiency level.

Read the interim report

Andrew Gallacher from Glasgow University is acting as an independent reviewer to validate the methodology of this study.

Sumdog & fact families


Fact family activities

Sumdog’s fact family activities are a great way for your students to work on their fact fluency. They cover multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.

Students see a grid, indicating the status of each fact. Yellow shows that they’ve started answering questions, while green indicates they’ve completed that fact.

Completing skills

Holding your mouse over a fact, or tapping on a tablet, gives you more information: questions answered, average speed and accuracy.

These are fluency skills, which means that to complete them, students must be accurate – but also answer within the required time.

View the report as a teacher

Teachers can now view the fact family report for each student – whether or not you’re subscribed. To see this, click the student’s name on your dashboard, and choose “Fact families report”.

The results are also included in Sumdog’s premium reports. This lets you check at a glance how much progress each student has made.

Normally, you’ll need a subscription to run the reports.

However, even if you’re not subscribed, we can let you try them out with your class for a period.

Check your students’ multiplication progress: info@sumdog.com

Join our summer contests


Sumdog’s free online mathematics contests are a fun way to motivate your students.

To take part, they just play Sumdog’s online games, any time during the contest week. Scores are based on accuracy, and the questions adapt to each student’s level – so everyone has an even chance of winning.

Summer rewards for students

As a reward for taking part, each student will receive a summer-themed item for their Sumdog House.

…and for teachers as well!

A reward for teachers, too: you can request a special report showing how hard your students have worked during the contest.

You’ll see information about the skills each student has completed, and the efforts they’ve put in. Take part to find out more!


Sumdog tables activities


Reports on tables activities

This week, we’ve included all of the tables activities (multiplication, division, addition and subtraction) in Sumdog’s reports.

Now, you can check at a glance how much progress each student has made.

These are fluency skills and to complete them, students must be accurate – but also answer within the required time.

Normally, you need a subscription to run these reports.

However, even if you’re not subscribed, we can let you try them out with your class for a period: simply email info@sumdog.com.

Check your students’ multiplication progress

Hard skills on Sumdog

When the going gets tough…

Sumdog’s learning engine constantly monitors how your students are progressing – whether or not you have a subscription.

When a student finds a skill hard to complete, we’ll automatically skip past it to the next skill.

We call these Hard Skills. We show how many Hard Skills each student has on their report page. To see this, click the student’s name on your dashboard.


Normally, in Sumdog’s training mode, we ask two types of questions. Some are from the focus skill – the one the student is currently working on. Others are designed to go back to previous skills.

When we skip a Hard Skill, we switch the student to focus on the next skill. At the same time, we include questions from the skipped skill in our revision mix.

And when Hard Skills get easier…

We include questions from Hard Skills in our revision mix so that we can monitor when the student is ready to try it again.

When they’re answering well enough to progress, we’ll switch their focus back to the Hard Skill, so they can complete it.

Too many Hard Skills?

If a student collects three Hard Skills, we’ll temporarily switch them to just answering revision questions.

We do this in case the student has been placed too high in the diagnostic test, or has reached part of the they’ve not yet learned.

We’ll keep asking questions on the Hard Skills, though, so we can tell when they’re ready to start progressing again.

The Hard Skills report

If your students are subscribed, you’ll be able to view the Hard Skills report for each one.


It shows you which skills we’ve skipped and the number of questions, accuracy and speed for each one.

You’ll also see when the skill was marked as hard, and – if they’ve started working on it again – when we switched it back to being the student’s focus.

If your students aren’t subscribed, we can still let you try out the hard skills report for your students. Simply email: info@sumdog.com