Sumdog’s House

At Sumdog, we believe that student motivation is vital… but that teachers remain in control.

Sumdog’s House is a great example of this. Each student has an on-screen house, which they can decorate as they wish.


They can ‘purchase’ items for their house using the virtual coins they earn for correct answers. This lets them personalize their Sumdog experience – but only if they keep working their skills.

In the house, they can also change their on-screen avatar, and buy clothes and accessories for it.

Control your student’s house use

Normally, the Sumdog House is closed during school hours – between 8.30am and 3.30pm on weekdays.


However, you can control when your students can access the house. You can either…

  • temporarily open the house for just your class, or
  • open the house all of the time for your whole school.

For example, many teachers open the house towards the end of the class, as a reward for students.

Find out about this on our help pages – we’ve got a great tutorial video about the house.

Try Sumdog’s premium features with your class:

The new Class Summary report

Our best report yet

There’s another brand new report on Sumdog this week and we think it might be our best one so far.

Sumdog’s Class Summary report gives a complete overview of your class, with correlations and progress metrics.160113-summary-report

The Class Summary report lists your students and, for each one, shows you:

  • the skill they’re currently working on
  • the diagnostic result
  • the current proficiency levle
  • their effort this week

Click a name to see more detail on that student, including hard skills and proficiency charts.

Alternatively, expand the skill to see sample questions and in-depth correlations.

Check your Class Summary Report

To run the report, click the Class Reports button. Choose the subject and students, and the dates you want to look at.

If your students are subscribed, you’ll be able to access the new Summary Report whenever you want.

If you don’t have a subscription, and you’d like to try the new report for your class, get in touch!



Check your animal rank

Sumdog’s Animal Rank

First things first: best wishes for 2016 – to you and especially to your class -from all of us at Sumdog!

We know it sometimes takes a little time to get going after the holiday period. That’s why it’s important that Sumdog motivates students – and the Animal Rank is a vital part of this.animals.jpg

As students answer, they move through our Animal Rank. There are 30 animals to collect – increasingly endangered as you progress.

Students can see their current rank in their Sumdog house. Click the animal to find out how many coins you need to reach the next animal, and to read about the animals.

It’s based on effort, so rewards everyone equally for the work they put in. And it’s a great way to learn about some of the rarest animals on earth.

Check your students’animal ranks

To help you motivate your class, we’ve added a report showing each student’s animal rank.


If your students are subscribed, simply log in and visit our class reports section on the right of the screen. You’ll be able to run  a report on your class’s animal ranks.

If you don’t have a subscription, don’t worry – you  can still try out the report. Just email

Sumdog Holiday Challenge

It’s holiday time! At Sumdog, we’re getting into the spirit.

We’ve added a range of festive items to your Sumdog shop – including trees, presents and decorations. They’ll add some sparkle to your students’ on-screen house.


Set your class a Holiday Challenge

To buy their decorations, your students need coins… which means they’ll have to answer questions. To keep them focused, why not set them a Holiday Challenge?

If your students are subscribed, simply log in and click the activities button on the left of the screen. Choose “Create a challenge” and select the participants, goals and skills.

If you don’t have a subscription, don’t worry – we’re feeling festive! We’ll give you access for the Holiday period. Just email

New report: Time spent on Sumdog

This week, we’ve added a new report to Sumdog. It’s available for all subscribed students.

It shows you how long each student has spent on Sumdog.


Time well spent

To run the report, click the Class Reports button. Choose the subject, students and the dates you want to see.

If your students are subscribed, you’ll be able to access Sumdog’s new report whenever you want.

If you don’t have a subscription, and you’d like to try out this new report for your class, get in touch!


These students love Sumdog

Students from two schools in Argyll and Bute, Scotland were asked: ‘How does Sumdog help you learn?’

Here are some of their responses.


“I love Sumdog because I learn maths and because it helped me learn my fractions.” Ashley

“It makes learning fun because you are learning in a different way.” – Harry

“It helps me learn because I enjoy it instead of being bored. I’m more focused when I’m having fun.”  Ewan

“Sumdog is unique and rewards me for working hard.” – Alex

“It encourages me to keep trying so I can get coins.” – Jude

“The games are fun and you learn fast.” – Van

“Sumdog is fun because you get to do games to learn.”  Struan

“Sumdog helps me learn because on Tower Climber or Junk Pile or Creeper, you can build or climb to success.” – Ella

“Getting pets encourages me to answer my questions to get new skills.” – Grace


View reports for your class: email

Special thanks to the Head Teacher and pupils of Lochdonhead Primary and Ulva Primary Schools for providing us with these quotes.

Festive stuff for your Sumdog house

To bring in the holiday season, we’re planning our biggest ever maths contest.

It starts early December and you can play any time during the contest, at school or at home.

Every student who plays in the Holiday Contest will receive ten – yes, TEN – festive items to decorate their Sumdog house.

Click here to enter your class in the Holiday Conetst.

To read more about our contests, visit our contests page.