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Assessment SATs
24 October 2023
The Key Stage 1 SATs exams have long been a crucial benchmark for school. However, from 2024 the SATs will be optional. In this blog we ...
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Maths Diagnostic Assessment
8 September 2023
At the start of a new term or as part of your regular formative assessment, it’s important to know what level your pupils are working at in ...
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Screenshot of new assessments aligned to White Rose Maths in Sumdog
Maths Assessment White Rose Maths
16 May 2023
Later this year we’ll be releasing a new curriculum on Sumdog aligned to version 3.0 of the White Rose Maths scheme of learning. Teachers ...
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teacher helping a pupil with classwork
Diagnostic Assessment
20 December 2022
What is intervention in education? In today’s world, many young children face a variety of barriers that both disrupt and distract from ...
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