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Children playing Sumdog in class
Maths EdTech Learning
1 February 2023
At Sumdog, we love hearing how teachers are using Sumdog with their pupils and the impact that it’s having.
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Image of children playing in the classroom
Gamification Maths EdTech
9 January 2023
Recognised as being both difficult to teach and to learn – maths is a complex subject that encompasses a wide variety of different topics. ...
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teacher helping a pupil with classwork
eLearning Diagnostic Assessment
20 December 2022
What is intervention in education? In today’s world, many young children face a variety of barriers that both disrupt and distract from ...
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teacher interacting with pupils in a classroom
Gamification EdTech Mental health
15 November 2022
In our recent blog post, we outlined 5 key benefits of gamification in education, but there was one very important area which felt like it ...
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Image of children learning spelling in class
eLearning Spelling
22 October 2022
Helping your pupils to become confident in their spelling is a key part of improving overall literacy at key stage 1 and 2. Recent guidance ...
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gamification graphic image
Gamification EdTech Learning
3 October 2022
Here at Sumdog, we’re dedicated to making learning as fun as possible! Our fun and interactive games help boost engagement in young people ...
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