Get To Know Your Pupils With Our Maths Diagnostic Assessment Tool

8 September 2023 Sumdog Team

At the start of a new term or as part of your regular formative assessment, it’s important to know what level your pupils are working at in order to help inform your teaching. We have an easy-to-use tool to help you do just that.


What is the Sumdog maths diagnostic assessment tool?

The Sumdog diagnostic is an online assessment. It presents children with a series of multiple-choice questions for them to complete. 15 questions focus on numeracy and 40 further questions cover a range of different maths topics.


How does it work?

Children complete the diagnostic, earning coins for each correctly answered question which they can spend on personalising their 3D avatar, house or garden.

After that, you get a snapshot of their learning through our stranded skills report. The report pinpoints areas for development and is presented in an easy-to-read format to help you analyse who needs additional support and in which areas.

teachers view of a class diagnostic report on Sumdog

The maths diagnostic tool then informs the questions posed to your class on Sumdog. As they continue to play Sumdog games or complete challenges you set for them as in-class practice or homework, they embark on their own personalised learning journey.

By answering questions tailored to their level, pupils remain engaged in their learning and motivated to improve.

As a special incentive for completing the diagnostic test, pupils earn 400 coins to spend on their Sumdog house, garden or avatar! 🎉


Great! Can I reset the diagnostic?

Absolutely! We advise resetting the diagnostic every 4 months so you can see the benefits it brings to your teaching.

You'll be able to regularly get an up-to-date snapshot of your class to see who is on track and who needs extra support.

The diagnostic report will also start to show the progress between each reset so you can monitor your pupils' results over time.


Want to try out Sumdog with your class?

Our maths diagnostic tool is a great way to help teachers get to know their pupils' abilities at a glance. Now that you know all about how Sumdog’s diagnostic test can help support and benefit pupils’ learning – why not try it out yourself with a 30-day trial of Sumdog Premium?

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