Everyday Maths: The Importance of Learning Maths From A Young Age

23 October 2023 Sumdog Team

Mathematics quietly influences every facet of our daily existence in today's bustling world. From the moment we wake up to the time we lay our heads to sleep, mathematics permeates our routines, decisions, and interactions.

For Scotland's primary and secondary school teachers, recognising the significance of teaching mathematics extends beyond the classroom. It lays the foundation for young minds to navigate life's complexities with competence, preparing them to become confident, successful, effective, and responsible citizens and learners – both now and in the future.

The reality of learning, enjoying, and participating in mathematics daily needs to be made tangible. Gamification and personalised learning journeys instill the joy and beauty of mathematics from an early age and in a new world of AI and technology, this has the potential to capture imaginations.



Importance of Everyday Maths Skills

Imagine a world where every problem is a puzzle waiting to be solved.

This is the world that understanding maths opens up. Everyday maths skills extend far beyond the classroom walls, encompassing scenarios as diverse as budgeting, cooking, and measurements.

A solid grasp of basic mathematical concepts equips individuals with the tools to decipher problems, analyse situations, and devise solutions. By nurturing these skills, teachers empower students to be effective problem-solvers, enabling them to make informed decisions in various life situations. From calculating the right proportions for a recipe to determining the best deals while shopping, maths is the silent partner that guides us through the intricacies of modern life and develops our young workforce with the skills they need to succeed.

Technology has become far more sophisticated with algorithms now able to carefully select the right learning material for students that encourages the building of these connections naturally, expanding on prior knowledge and presenting questions in real-life contexts.

When students recognise the practicality of maths in their daily routines, their engagement and enthusiasm for the subject naturally increase. This, in turn, nurtures a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and a more confident approach to using these skills in real-world settings.



Real-Life Applications of Maths

Let's consider a scenario familiar to many: calculating expenses.

Whether it's managing personal finances or planning a class field trip, mathematics plays a pivotal role. Understanding interest rates, budget allocation, and expense tracking requires the application of mathematical principles. Moreover, as responsible global citizens, interpreting data is essential for comprehending trends, making informed decisions, and participating in discussions on pertinent issues.

In the Scottish context, the importance of maths in daily life is exemplified by our rich history of scientific and technological innovations. From the groundbreaking discoveries of James Clerk Maxwell to the contributions of Mary Somerville, Scotland's mathematical heritage is interwoven with its progress. By sharing these local narratives throughout Curriculum for Excellence, teachers can inspire students to see maths as not just an academic subject, but a cornerstone of societal advancement.

A person budget planning


Maths in Professional Careers

The connection between mathematics and professional careers is undeniable.

Fields such as engineering, finance, architecture, and many more rely heavily on mathematical principles. A solid foundation in maths opens doors to an array of career opportunities that require analytical thinking, problem-solving, and logical reasoning. Engineers rely on mathematical modeling to design structures that withstand the test of time. Financial experts use statistical analysis to predict market trends. Architects employ geometry to create aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound buildings.

By highlighting these connections, teachers can instill a sense of purpose and aspiration in their students. When learners understand that mastering maths not only enhances their immediate academic performance but also paves the way for fulfilling and impactful careers, their motivation to excel in the subject grows exponentially.


Teaching Strategies for Engaging Students

Engaging students in learning maths can be a rewarding challenge.

Incorporating technology is a powerful tool. The gamification nature of technology will engage students to keep learning and practicing maths and of course, the data collection reporting provides teachers with the insights they need to reflect next steps in lessons plans back in the classroom, ensuring the right levels of support and challenge for individual pupils.


Importance of Early Maths Education

Early maths education acts as a cognitive scaffold, shaping a child's cognitive development in fundamental ways. It enhances critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and logical reasoning skills. These foundational skills provide students with a versatile toolkit that extends well into adulthood, enabling them to approach challenges with confidence and resilience.

Additionally, research shows that early exposure to maths fosters a positive attitude towards the subject. When children engage with maths from a young age and witness its applications in their surroundings, they develop a natural comfort and curiosity for it. This sets the stage for a lifelong journey of exploration and learning, as well as the cultivation of a mathematically literate society.

In Scotland, Building the Ambition promotes curiosity, inquiry and creativity with our youngest learners and mathematics provides the perfect platform to achieve this, with early mathematics and numeracy closely interlinked and easy to achieve in practical meaningful contexts where children can make sense of the world about them.

Pupils and teacher playing a maths game


Looking Forward

In the intricate tapestry of life, mathematics weaves together diverse threads of logic, precision, and problem-solving.
As educators, Scotland's primary and secondary school teachers possess the remarkable opportunity to sow the seeds of mathematical curiosity and proficiency in young minds. By imparting the significance of maths in everyday life, teachers impart not only knowledge but also the tools to navigate an ever-evolving world.
Incorporating maths into daily routines equips students with invaluable skills that transcend the classroom. The ability to decipher challenges, analyse situations, and make informed decisions is a gift that keeps on giving. As we conclude this exploration of the profound impact of maths in everyday life, let us reiterate the importance of cultivating a mathematically literate generation. By doing so, teachers inspire young learners to embrace maths not as an abstract subject, but as an empowering force that shapes their present and future.
Technology offers a captivating and interactive platform that allows young learners to immerse themselves in mathematics right from the start, while simultaneously providing educators with invaluable insights. This creates a seamless synergy between technology and classroom learning, ensuring that students are not only captivated by the digital experience but also benefiting from a comprehensive and well-rounded educational journey.
So, teachers, continue to ignite the flames of curiosity, for within your classrooms lie the architects of Scotland's tomorrow – minds capable of unravelling complexities, building foundations, and sculpting destinies, all with the power of maths by their side.

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