Celebrate the End of Term with an Exciting Sumdog Maths Contest

28 June 2023 Sumdog Team
Sumdog mascot celebrating with the winning class of a Sumdog maths contest

Why is celebrating the end of term important?

Each year, the Summer term rolls around quicker than expected and with the pressure of preparing for SATs and the MTC - it can be an incredibly stressful time for both pupils and teachers. In fact, recent research has discovered that compared to a decade ago, school life is more intense and children are under more pressure to achieve. With this in mind, as the school year comes to an end it becomes all the more important to celebrate all the hard work and achievements of pupils throughout the year.


Why enter a Sumdog maths contest?

Participating in one of Sumdog’s online maths contests is a great way for children to celebrate the end of term that is both fun and educational! The perfect opportunity for pupils to practise their maths skills, boost their confidence and have fun! Our contests are:

  • Engaging: Our interactive games make learning fun for children as they answer maths questions while playing one of our exciting games!
  • Motivating: Each day, children are able to view their individual and class scores on Sumdog’s daily contest leaderboard. This is great for building excitement and morale among pupils to increase their class score and take the Sumdog contest crown.
  • Fair and adaptive: As pupils compete against other classes and schools in their region, each child answers maths questions at their own level ensuring an even playing field for all pupils. 


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"The contest was a real success with lots of children engaging in their maths learning! It was easy to get set up and it was really exciting for children to compete against students from schools across the partnership."

Ian Prince, Director of Teaching and Learning. The Partnership in South Hampshire, England.


How can I enter my class in the end of term maths contest?

To enter one of Sumdog’s regional online maths contests this July, all you have to do is:

  1. Request a 30-day trial of Sumdog Premium
  2. Set up your class on Sumdog
  3. Have your pupils complete the diagnostic test which will place them at the correct ability level
  4. Enter your next local Sumdog contest

🕓 Our contests run from Friday at 8am to the following Thursday at 8pm - during this period pupils can log in at any time to answer maths questions, either at school or at home.

🎁 Pupils can win a range of exciting prizes such as special items for their Sumdog house or garden, virtual Sumdog coins to spend, and printable certificates!


Next steps

So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate the end of term and all your pupils' hard work this year by entering one of Sumdog's exciting regional online maths contests taking place from 14th - 20th July!


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