New school year, new school? How to move your Sumdog account.

Moving school with Sumdog

Moving to a new school and want to keep using Sumdog?

It’s important to make sure you follow the correct procedure, to keep your data and your students’ data safe.

manage students


check Leave your old school! To do this, log in to your Sumdog account, click settings at the top and then school settings. Click ‘Manage teachers’, and then click ‘leave school’ next to your name.

Tip: if you can’t log in, a teacher from your old school can also remove you, but following the steps above and clicking ‘remove’ next to your name.

check  Join your new school! Once you have confirmed you want to leave your old school, you’ll be directed to join your new school. Search for your school by zip or postal code.


cross Add your new students to your old school. If you start adding students to your existing account, teachers in your old school will be able to see them and their data.

cross Create a new account for your new school if it already exists. Teachers in your new school can accept your request to join their account. Please only create a new school if you are absolutely sure that it doesn’t already have an account.

If no teacher accepts you, they may not have seen the request, or the account may be inactive. In this case do contact us at and we can help.

If you have any questions, just get in touch!

Good luck in your new school!