Get ready for the Glasgow City Contest!


The Glasgow City maths contest begins on 16th March, and we are inviting classes from across Glasgow to take part, in order to win a coveted Sumdog Maths Champions trophy!

Classes compete as a team, answering maths questions while having fun with Sumdog. They can play at school or at home.

Because every pupil plays at their own level, and are rewarded for accuracy, everyone has a fair chance of winning.

The last Glasgow contest was won by Mrs Scott’s P6/7 class at Sandwood Primary, pictured above. We visited them this week to find out what they love about Sumdog.

The whole class was super excited to tell us why they think every class should enter the contest. Here are some of our favourite quotes:


“You are learning but in a fun way.”

“It increases your maths skills and you can improve your accuracy.”

“It makes you brilliant and bright!”

“It is educational and fun and you get better at maths.”

“You can take the learning from home back into the class.”

“Addictive and educational!”

“Your class works as a team…Teamwork makes the dream work!”


You can or find out more about our regional and national maths contests here, or enter a class by clicking the Contests button on your teacher dashboard to find a contest in your area.

Contests are free and anyone can join in!