Your students love the new kitchen!

Thank you to everyone who got in touch with excitement about the new Sumdog room. Please keep your comments coming! Get in touch.

If your students haven’t seen it, tell them to log on and play.  And the excitement continues – if they’ve earned any new items, they’ll be coming next week!

Here’s just a few quotes from teachers with very excited students:

“We just opened our kitchens!! When I showed them your email, they screamed! They are very excited about it and can’t wait to fill it up!

Denise Ludick, Crucifixion School

“We all logged in May 1st ready to see our kitchen. We have been earning kitchen gifts for the past weeks! Thank you for the email update, now I can pass along the info on when the kids can open the kitchen gifts they earned!!! You guys are awesome! We love Sumdog!!”

Wyndelyn White, Howard Perrin Elementary

“My students are VERY excited about the new room on Sumdog. Thank you for always changing and making learning fun!”

Mrs Williams, Warren Elementary

“My students were so excited when they discovered their kitchens
today! They were all a buzz and everyone was begging me to open
the house so that they could see if they got a new room or not.”

Jody Hutcheson, Bon Air Middle School

“Gasps of excitement when I told my class they get a new room in
May! They love SumDog and I love that they are learning while
they play it!!!!”

Cassandra Christen, St. Bonaventure