Sumdog’s kitchen is coming

Play each week…
get your Sumdog Kitchen!

We’re going to add a new room to Sumdog’s on-screen house: a kitchen. It’s the first time we’ve added a new room.

Every student who uses Sumdog during May will receive this extra room.

We’ll help decorate it, too. For each of the next twelve weeks, there’s a new item of kitchen furniture to collect – simply by playing Sumdog.

Your students will receive all of the items they collect when they play in May.

It’s the best of both worlds: lots of mathematics practice – and a shiny new kitchen!

About Sumdog’s House

Sumdog’s on-screen house is a great motivation for your students.

Every correct answer they give earns them virtual coins – which they can use to decorate their house.

As teachers, you can control when they access the house during school hours: for example, you can open it as a reward at the end of class.