Try our new 3D game!


Try Subway Conga 3D

We’ve got another exciting 3D game for you this week.

Subway Conga is now available, along with our other new 3D games Shadow Maze, Roller Coaster, Kabloom and Fun Run.

Subway Conga is set outside a busy station. Answer questions – and the passengers start to dance! Your task is to match up as many of their masks – as quickly as you can…

You’ll find these new 3D games along with our existing games. If you play Sumdog using our app you’ll need the new Sumdog 3D app from the Apple or Android store.

At the moment, like the premium 2D games, the new 3D games are only available to subscribed students.

If you’re not subscribed, we’d love you to try them out with your students – just email to ask about a free trial.