Our new student roster


Sumdog’s new rostering tool

We’re making some big changes to how you manage your classes and students on Sumdog. Here are some of the new things you can do…

Add students easily

Click your chosen class to expand it, and then click ‘Add Student’.

Sumdog automatically checks for duplicates. If you see the student already has a login, just click it to add it to your class. If not, choose “Create new login”.

Move students quickly and between classes

There’s no longer any need to select students and click ‘Edit’. Just drag the student’s card from one class to another.

Search for students

You can now search for students by name. You’ll see all the matches across your school; simply drag the student you’re looking for into your chosen class.

Removing and restoring students

It’s much easier to remove students – all you need to do is drag. Also, if you’ve accidentally removed a student, just expand the “Removed Students” section and drag her right back to her class.

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