Sumdog & fact families


Fact family activities

Sumdog’s fact family activities are a great way for your students to work on their fact fluency. They cover multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.

Students see a grid, indicating the status of each fact. Yellow shows that they’ve started answering questions, while green indicates they’ve completed that fact.

Completing skills

Holding your mouse over a fact, or tapping on a tablet, gives you more information: questions answered, average speed and accuracy.

These are fluency skills, which means that to complete them, students must be accurate – but also answer within the required time.

View the report as a teacher

Teachers can now view the fact family report for each student – whether or not you’re subscribed. To see this, click the student’s name on your dashboard, and choose “Fact families report”.

The results are also included in Sumdog’s premium reports. This lets you check at a glance how much progress each student has made.

Normally, you’ll need a subscription to run the reports.

However, even if you’re not subscribed, we can let you try them out with your class for a period.

Check your students’ multiplication progress: