School hours and Sumdog


Set your school’s start and finish time

On Sumdog, you can now tell us when your school day starts and finishes.

You’ll find this helpful as it controls some of Sumdog’s settings for your students.

To set your school day, log in to your teacher account and use the settings menu to visit the School page. Click ‘Change’ beside your School Hours, and tell us the opening and closing time.

What your school day affects

Setting skills and grades: if you’ve restricted your class to specific skills using an activity, or chosen minimum and maximum grades, your restriction will apply throughout the school day – but not outside these hours.

Sumdog’s House: By default, Sumdog’s House and Shop are closed during the school hours. This is to help your students concentrate on answering questions whilst at school. You can choose whether to open the house for your students.

Invite your students’ parents to get on board! Share this link: