Choose Skills

As your students play, Sumdog’s learning engine gets to know their individual strengths and weaknesses. It adapts the questions for each student accordingly.

If you want, though, you can choose which skills your students work on. Do this via the ‘Skills’ panel on your Teacher dashboard.

Minimum and maximum

Whether or not your students are subscribed, you can choose the minimum and maximum for each class.

This lets you restrict them to the most relevant skills. Sumdog will still lead each one through at their own paces, adapting to the rate at which they complete the skills.


Set specific skills

If your students are subscribed, you can set specific skills for them to work on by setting a challenge. Get started here.

When you set up a challenge from the Set Skills menu, you can choose to restrict the students to just focus on this activity during school time. This lets you use the activity to specify which skills they work on.

If you don’t have any subscription places, and you’d like to try this out, get in touch.