Checking student activity

With the weather hitting hard in some parts of the world, teachers are relying on Sumdog to keep student minds warm.

Whatever the temperature where you are, we’ve some helpful tips on checking your students’ activity.

The student’s report shows his or her current focus skill, as well as the number of questions she’s completed in the past week.


Access the subject report by clicking the student’s name on your dashboard – it’s available whether or not you’re subscribed.

Find out how long your students play

For more detail, check the Time on Sumdog report. It shows how long each student has spent on Sumdog each day.


Take a look at this teacher from Wales, UK who saw several students play Sumdog for over 5 hours in just one week:

The students were then rewarded in their school assembly.

Run the report yourself

To run the report, click the Class Reports button. Choose the subject and students, and the dates you want to look at.

If your students are subscribed, you’ll be able to access the new Time on Sumdog report whenever you want.

If you don’t have a subscription, and you’d like to try out this report with your class, get in touch.

Email to get started!