Set skills for your students

Set minimum and maximum levels

To restrict the skills that Sumdog chooses for your class, set a minimum and maximum level.

Your restriction will apply whenever those students play during school hours – except when you’ve set specific skills for an assessment or activity.

Your students can still choose which skills they work on  – but only within the levels you’ve chosen for them.

How students choose skills

You can also let your students choose the skills they work on.

To do this, they click the “Choose skills” button at the left of the screen.


They’ll then see a list of skills, with a pet symbol beside the ones for which their pet can learn tricks.

To browse by skills or grade levels, click “Show filters”, at the bottom left.

Want to focus on specific skills? Set an activity

If your students are subscribed, set an activity to choose specific skills for them to work on.

If you’re not yet subscribed and you’d like to try out an activity, get in touch: