Sumdog’s new gentle diagnostic


At the start of August, we introduced a diagnostic test for students on Sumdog. It lets us see the level at which each student should work.

Some teachers told us that their students found the test difficult and that it took too long.

Well, we took on board your suggestions and went to work on the diagnostic tests. Now:

  • it’s much quicker to complete. The new test generally takes just a handful of games;
  • we ask far fewer hard questions. In the new test, students tend to get around 80% of the questions correct;
  • students enjoy it more. To build confidence, we make sure we ask an easier questions after each incorrect answer.

A report for each student

Once the test is complete, we start asking questions a little below the diagnostic level – again, to build the student’s confidence.

At this point, you’ll get a comprehensive report for each student – whether or not you’re subscribed.


To see the report, click the student’s name on your dashboard. To choose a different class, click the green class button (under the Sumdog logo).

The report shows you the skills covered by the test, with sample questions, and your student’s accuracy and speed for each one.

Rerun the diagnostic test

We’ve found our new diagnostic test places students more accurately.

You can choose to rerun the diagnostic test – for example, if a student is working at too low or too high a level.

To rerun the test, go to the student’s diagnostic report and click the button at the bottom of the screen. Please make sure that parents, sisters or brothers don’t help, as it could distort Sumdog’s understanding of the student’s ability.

Invite your students’ families to get on board: