Using Sumdog at home


For lots of Sumdog’s students, it’s that time of year when school can be disrupted by the weather.

We’ve heard quite a few tales of Sumdog helping out when students can’t make it through the snow.

Whatever the weather where you are, though, your students can always benefit from using Sumdog at home. So here are a couple of hints.

Get parents on board

Did you know there’s a free Sumdog login for parents? It lets them keep in touch with their child’s Sumdog work.

We’ll email them updates on their child’s efforts, and let them know how to get the most from Sumdog.

Parents can sign up here – it only takes a few seconds.

Focus your students: set an activity

To encourage your students to use Sumdog at home, why not set an activity? It gives a goal to aim for, and lets you specify what they work on.

If your students are subscribed, log in and click the activities button on the left of the scree. Choose “Create a challenge” and select the participants, goals and skills.

If you don’t have a subscription, don’t worry! Just email and let us know what the weather’s like where you are and we’ll let you try it out.