Sumdog’s House

At Sumdog, we believe that student motivation is vital… but that teachers remain in control.

Sumdog’s House is a great example of this. Each student has an on-screen house, which they can decorate as they wish.


They can ‘purchase’ items for their house using the virtual coins they earn for correct answers. This lets them personalize their Sumdog experience – but only if they keep working their skills.

In the house, they can also change their on-screen avatar, and buy clothes and accessories for it.

Control your student’s house use

Normally, the Sumdog House is closed during school hours – between 8.30am and 3.30pm on weekdays.


However, you can control when your students can access the house. You can either…

  • temporarily open the house for just your class, or
  • open the house all of the time for your whole school.

For example, many teachers open the house towards the end of the class, as a reward for students.

Find out about this on our help pages – we’ve got a great tutorial video about the house.

Try Sumdog’s premium features with your class: