These students love Sumdog

Students from two schools in Argyll and Bute, Scotland were asked: ‘How does Sumdog help you learn?’

Here are some of their responses.


“I love Sumdog because I learn maths and because it helped me learn my fractions.” Ashley

“It makes learning fun because you are learning in a different way.” – Harry

“It helps me learn because I enjoy it instead of being bored. I’m more focused when I’m having fun.”  Ewan

“Sumdog is unique and rewards me for working hard.” – Alex

“It encourages me to keep trying so I can get coins.” – Jude

“The games are fun and you learn fast.” – Van

“Sumdog is fun because you get to do games to learn.”  Struan

“Sumdog helps me learn because on Tower Climber or Junk Pile or Creeper, you can build or climb to success.” – Ella

“Getting pets encourages me to answer my questions to get new skills.” – Grace


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Special thanks to the Head Teacher and pupils of Lochdonhead Primary and Ulva Primary Schools for providing us with these quotes.