Changing a student’s class

1. Choose your class

To move students from one class to another, go to your student list (on your teacher dashboard, click your school panel – on the right hand side – and choose ‘Students’).

Choose the students you want and click ‘Edit’.


2. Choose some students

Check the boxes beside the students you want to move.

To select all of the students at once, use the checkbox at the top of the student list, in the title row.


3. Pick a new class

Once you’ve chosen which students to move, click the ‘Change Class’ button at the top of the list.


You’ll see a list of the classes in your school.

To move them from one class to another, make sure you clear the checkbox beside their old class as well as clicking the one beside their new class.

Students can be in more than one class: just click more than one checkbox on this screen.

When you’re done, click ‘Save’. You’ll see the new class for each student – but you’re not quite done yet.

4. Save your changes

Although your changes are showing up, you’re still editing and they’ve not been saved yet.


You can go on to make other changes – for example, moving other students, or changing passwords.

Make sure you click “Save changes” when you’re finished, though, or your changes won’t be recorded.

View reports for your class: