Hard Skills on Sumdog

We’re skipping skills – automatically!

This week, we’ve added a new feature to Sumdog. When a student finds a skill hard to complete, we’ll automatically skip past it to the next skill.

We call these Hard Skills. We show how many Hard Skills each student has on their report page. To see this, click the student’s name on your dashboard.


In training mode, we usually ask two types of questions. Some are from the focus skill – the one the student is currently working on. Others are designed to revise earlier skills.

When we skip a Hard Skill, we switch the student to focus on the next skill in the curriculum. At the same time we include questions from the skipped skill in our revision mix.

And when Hard Skills get easier…

We include questions from Hard Skills in our revision mix so that we can monitor when a student is ready to try them again.

When they’re answering well enough to progress, we’ll switch their focus back to the Hard Skill, so they can complete it.

Too many Hard Skills?

If a student collects three Hard Skills, we’ll temporarily switch them to just answering revision questions.

We do this in case the student has been placed too high in the diagnostic test, or has reached part of the curriculum they’ve not yet learned.

We’ll keep asking questions on the Hard Skills, though, so we can tell when they’re ready to start progressing again.

The Hard Skills report

If your students are subscribed, you’ll be able to view the Hard Skills report for each one.


It shows you which skills we’ve skipped, and with the number of questions, accuracy and speed for each one.

You’ll also see when the skill was marked as hard and – if they’ve started working on it again – when we switched it back to being the student’s focus.

Try Sumdog’s reports in your school:
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