New game, updated app

Our new game: Pirate Ship

There’s a new game on Sumdog: Pirate Ship.

Each time you answer a question correctly, you’ll get a new item to stack on your ship’s deck.


Balance your loot carefully on the slippy deck as your ship rocks back and forth in the waves – you’ll get points for everything that’s left at the end of the game!

Click here to play Pirate ship. As usual, it’s only available to subscribed students at first – but after a while, everyone will be able to play it.

Have you updated your App?

If you’re playing on an iPad, iPhone or Android tablet, please take a moment to check you have the latest version of the Sumdog app.

You’ll find links to the downloads on our apps page.

Cycle Race is now free

Cycle Race is now free!

Don’t worry if you’re not subscribed – we’ve got something for you too.

We’ve made Cycle Race free for everyone. Click here to play Cycle Race.