Our top five tips for Sumdog’s contests

Sumdog’s biggest contests ever – the 2014 Holiday Contests – are starting soon. We’ve put together some top tips to help you do your best.

It’s a team effort

10 students need to play for each class to qualify. The class score is the average number of correct answers from each student who plays.

To show on the overall leaderboard, 10 students must play in the contest. To qualify for a daily prize, 10 students need to play on that day.

If you don’t have 10 students in your class, you can make a new class just for the contest; students can be members of more than one class.

You’ve got all week

Students can play at any time. There’s no minimum – if you’ve only got time for one game, it’ll still help your score.

To add to your score, just play one of Sumdog’s mathematics games. You’ll get a point for each question you answer correctly.

Make sure the contest activity is showing

Sumdog has lots of activities for students, including Training, Tables, Assessments and Challenges.

Once the contest starts, you’ll see the contest activity added to this list. You should see it on the left of the student homepage, below the Sumdog logo. It won’t show up there before the contest opens, though.

When you start a game, make sure the contest activity is showing below the Sumdog logo, on the left hand side. If it is, your score from that game will count.

If it’s not showing, click the panel immediately below the Sumdog logo and then choose the contest activity.

Once the contest activity is showing on your homepage, you’ll be able to click the panel below to see how you’re doing.

Less haste, less speed… and more accuracy!

The contest runs for a week, but if you work quickly, you might finish early.

Each student is limited to 1,000 questions; this is to make sure no-one is overworked.

Your score will be the number of questions you answer correctly – so if you hit the 1,000 limit, it’s your accuracy that counts.

You think it’s all over?

Well… it isn’t. Remember – you can keep using your Sumdog logins after the contest closes – as much as you wish!

There’ll be more inter-school contests next year, but until then, you can still work on other Sumdog activities – including training and tables.

And finally…

Good luck from all of us here at Sumdog!