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Adding new students to your school

For many schools, it’s the start of a new school year.  If students who already have Sumdog logins are joining your school, here’s how to add them to your Sumdog account.

We wrote a few weeks back about how to remove students who are leaving your school from your Sumdog account.

Once students have been removed, they can apply to join a new school. To do this, they log in, and go to their profile page.  Here, they can click the Settings link (at the bottom left of the page) and apply to join your school.

To identify your school, the new students need to type your school code. Teachers can log in and find (or change) the school code on the school settings page.

When the student has applied to join the school, a teacher will need to log in and accept them from the student page.

Once that’s done, the students are part of your school’s account - and they’ll retain all of their Sumdog progress from their old school.

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