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Sumdog Champions!

Congratulations to Wharton Elementary from Summit, Illinois, for being the overall winner of Sumdog’s first ever national contest!

The teacher who lead the team to victory, commented:

We never thought we would have so much fun competing in the Sumdog Contest and learn so much at the same time! Thank you for the opportunity you gave us to show everyone in the nation how well we understand mathematics!

A total of 362 schools from across the country participated in the national contest - they were all the top scorers from the recent statewide contests. Together they answered over 18 million math questions correctly in 5 days!

The top student in the contest was Ben from Hyde Park in Las Vegas, Nevada. He answered 87,213 questions correctly from a range of 253 different math topics! An incredible result!

Prizes were awarded to the top schools and students. All of the winners are listed here

We’ll be running more contests after the summer break, so keep an eye on the website for details. You could be the next champion!

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